Old and damaged concrete is no longer acceptable the option for concrete resurfacing should be your top choice. 

Concrete floors over time will often develop cracks, show surface spalling, stain and begin to deteriorate. 

Resurfacing concrete is an economical and environmentally friendly solution to rejuvenate old concrete surfaces. 

Concrete deteriorates with age, and environmental factors such as the settling of the substrate, weather, freeze /thaw cycles, salt and many other factors accelerate its wear and shorten its life span. Damaged concrete such as cracks, chips and spalling not only ok bad, but opens the loan-face to water penetration and more damage. 



Once it has been determined that something needs to be done about the old concrete, the fun begins! Concrete resurfacing systems open the door to wide range of design and decorative options. 

There are purely functional concrete resurfacing products that will look and feel similar to standard grey concrete floor, but for those who want to take their concrete flooring to whole new level, decorative concrete systems should be considered. 

CLEAR Concrete Sealers, Once decorative concrete floors or new concrete colours are finished the best way to keep them looking great is to seal and protect their surface. 

QLD SPRAY PAVE provide services for concrete floor hardest wearing. It is essential that your decorative concrete surface is resealed periodically in order to lock in the colour, protect the surface from impurities and maintain its glossy appeal. 

Your new or resurfaced decorative concrete is treated with an acrylic sealer to help produce an attractive surface that is easier to clean and maintain than unsealed concrete. We recommend resealing every 24 months as the sealer works by blocking the pores of the concrete, providing a protective layer that helps stop did becoming ingrained and helps achieve a more consistent look. 

COLOURED Concrete Sealers, dramatically improve the appearance of your concrete by adding a Coloured Concrete Sealer. The Coloured Concrete Sealer system is ideal for colouring and protecting plain concrete. 

Using a Coloured Concrete Sealer will improve upon existing hard wearing decorative concrete. Adding two coats of sealer improves abrasion resistance while creating a barrier between the concrete colour and the effects of the harsh Australian climate.